Artists book with the contributions of Io Burgard, Guillaume Greff, Fanny Maugey, Quentin Bob Mercier, Géraldine Py & Roberto Verde, Marta Van Tartwijk; edited in the context of Summer School des 5 lacs; designed by Marie Lécrivain; conceived with La Niche (Sylvain Baumann) & WIR collective (with Marie Lécrivain & Jean-François Caro); link
January 2022
Book launch at CRAC Alsace, Altkirch, France

Images by WIR collective

Artist book by Laetitia Legros; published on the occasion of her residency at Centre médical Le Roggenberg, Altkirch; developed at CRAC Alsace; link
December 2021
Book launch at Centre médical Le Roggenberg, Altkirch, France

Images by Aurélien Mole

De dos je regarde ma bibliothèque
Artist book by Anna Byskov; co-edited with La Houle; designed by Marie Lécrivain, in collaboration with Jean-François Caro; link
June 2021
Éditions La Houle, Nancy & Brussels, France-Belgium

Images at Le Sceptre, Brussels

I Killed the Butterfly in my Ear
Text about the exhibition ‘I Killed the Butterfly in my Ear‘ by Minia Biabiany at MAGASIN des Horizons (Grenoble); written with Louise Bernatowiez; La belle revue; publication onlinelink
May 2021
La belle revue

Image by Camille Olivieri

Elena & Rosie
Text about two paintings by Elena Narbutaitė & Rosalind Nashashibi; written with Thomas Patier; published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Between Ears, New Colours’ at CRAC Alsacelink
Aug. 27, 2020
Windows 18 rue du Château, CRAC Alsace online program

Image, courtesy of Rosalind Nashashibi

© Image cover: Djuna Barnes, from ‘Ladies Almanach’, 1928.